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TopaCan Trade Show Aftermath 2018

Building on the successful launch of the Top-a-Can can ashtray launch at the Las Vegas ASD Trade Show, we are excited to announce that we have sold through all of the initial wholesale and distributor inventory and are excited to see Top-a-Can ashtrays on sale everywhere from truck stops in Texas to the Mobile gas station down the street from our home offices!


We are also excited to announce plans to expand our manufacturing capabilities and bring efficiencies to our manufacturing process. Top-a-Can is proudly designed and built in the USA and with our planned expansion and efficiency improvements we believe that we can continue to offer the most compelling, convenient, clean and green smoking solution on the market.


Although we are no longer accepting wholesale orders at special las Vegas ASD convention pricing, we are booking orders for the next manufacturing run and anticipate being able to both meet new orders and keep up with existing demand.


Our Founder and CEO is particular excited “I am super excited about the sales of Top-a-Can, both at ASD and after we got back. Filling that first full pallet order was crazy but we did it! I am so proud that we make such a badass ashtray for your beer can”


Top-a-Can is available for retail purchases on-line.


You can also follow us on Instagram | Facebook


ABOUT US: Top-a-Can is a design-build-manufacture consumer products company based in Nashua New Hampshire. Founded by Justin Lozier who is a leading design engineer, he grew Top-a-Can from a idea conceived in the halls of UMass Lowell to a product with an international following and appeal.

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