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Cigarette Butt Recycling & Proper Can Disposal

TopaCan produces hundreds of thousands of Can Ashtrays each year for happy customers around the world. One of the questions that comes up commonly is, " How do you recycle your can after it has been used as an ashtray and cigarette butt receptacle. " After some research our team has found a company of the name TerraCycle and has created this quick 4 step process that complies with there recycling policy. This process lets you recycle the cigarette butts through this third party company and to properly recycling your beverage can as you normally would. 

Fun Fact:

Each 12oz can, can hold up to 250 cigarette butts! That is over 12 packs of cigarettes, a little over 1 carton of cigarette butts!

1) Open Can

Use any can opener to peel back the lid of the can.

CAUTION: Can openers are to be used with care, when opening the lid of the can a sharp edge is exposed.

2) Pour Contents into Plastic Bag

Use any plastic bag that is seal able. Once the can has been opened pour the cans contents into the plastic bag.

The plastic bag is used for transportation of the cigarette waste. The shipping carriers will not accept packages that drip/leak any sort of waste.

What is Accepted:

  • Cigarette filters
  • Rolling Papers
  • Ash

3) Recycle the Can

The opened empty beverage can should be recycled with you municipal recycling. Please advise your local town/city recycling policy. Some recycling policies encourage rinsing of the can prior to recycling.

4) Recycle the Cigarette Waste

Now that the cigarette waste is sealed into a plastic bag for transportation. They can be properly recycled.

How to Recycle the Cigarette Waste

TopaCan does not recycle the cigarette waste directly. We recommend using a service provided by TerraCycle. A recycling company that is known for turning cigarette butts into useful plastic.
Click here to be redirected to the TerraCycle recycling.

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